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Meet "B"

The “Queen B” is an 8 year old spayed, house broken, 45 pound black and white young lady from FINE lines.  Unfortunately, her life has taken a direction that she didn’t sign on for.  Her owner got her as a puppy and she and a very old springer were the only things in the young woman’s life.  She wasn’t sure that she wanted to share the human with the “big” dog… but she didn’t have to for long because the old one passed on. Her girl was ALL hers!  But THEN her favorite person met and married a man.  B “accepted” him but the lady was still her favorite.  THEN along came little humans.  That was simply a bit too much.  Her mom brought in a trainer who taught her that she was to “get away” if the little humans approached her.  That meant abandon her bed if necessary… it was getting to be too much for her. Her humans sent her to live with the woman’s parents to hopefully save the day.  Sadly, her owner’s parents are both elderly.  B felt she needed to “take care” of the lady who has some sad things happening medically.  One day the man tripped and fell on top of her while B was laying with his wife.  Queen B got angry because she thought he was hurting her charge.  So now it’s time for “The Queen” to have a new “throne”. 


She won’t be happy sharing her chosen person so she should be adopted by a home without a bunch of “others”.  We suggest that means animals also.  This person should be knowledgeable regarding training and working with dogs.  If you think B might be happy with YOU and you are longing for a dedicated companion who needs your help… let us know by filling out an adoption application so we can talk to you and give you more info on the lovely “Queen B”.  If you have already done that, remind us and if we haven’t interviewed you, we will… just get in touch so we can make arrangements.

Paws Helping Paws
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In this section, you will find Springers posted who are in such places as shelters or humane societies.  If you are interested, refer to their individual contact information.

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