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"Never Forgotten"

Around two years ago a "young" springer lady came into my home when she was surrendered from the home where she had lived since the day she was born. She left her canine mother and changed her life. She went to the Eastern Specialty and smoozed people, she went to classes and learned how to be a good citizen. She was stubborn, but she finally achieved the goal of the new AKC Title of Canine Good Citizen. She went to a few rescue functions and smoozed more crowds. She turned 12 on December 28th. Sometime last fall her mind started to give her trouble at night. She woke up during the night numerous times every night and cried for unknown reasons. All efforts to solve her problems were unsuccessful. Tonight she will sleep and every night hereafter. She has joined her mother Teva, her great granddad, Baxter, and her great Uncle Whoppa on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. She is happy again. She promised to give "Uncle" Ro a kiss for me even though she never met him. I know she is now free to be the Huntress I met that first day and as sad as I am, I am happy for her. Everyone please raise a glass to toast a precious life well lived! Here's to you, dear Lady Huntress of Penobscot Bay, CGC.


Hannah is a pretty, outgoing, and sweet liver and white girl who just turned 11, but don't tell her that! Hannah has spent her life with other dogs, but hasn't been able to work out a harmonious relationship with them. Because of this, Hannah must spend time away from other dogs, which means often times she's not where she wants to be and that is with her people. What Hannah wants most is someone that can give her undivided attention, where she is an only dog. In return Hannah will be happy to cuddle, give you kisses, go for walks, and share your French fries. Hannah can show you that 11 is really the new 8. Hannah has some basic obedience training and walks well on a lead. She sits, asks nicely, lays down, and rolls over on command. Hannah is crate trained and completely housebroken. Hannah is still currently with her long time owner, but is looking for a home where she doesn't have to share her people with other dogs. If you are looking for a special dog, Hannah will show you that 11 is just a number, and that she has a lot to offer her new forever home.

Hannah crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to join her friends in January of 2013.

Alli was pulled from a high kill animal shelter in New Jersey days before she was to be euthanized. She had been picked up by an animal control officer from her home after being left to fend for herself for two weeks following the death of her elderly owner. Alli was in poor shape; she was matted, smelly and had a large mammary mass along with an infected growth on her shoulder. She has since been groomed and spayed, all masses have been removed, and she is recovering from surgery. Alli is such an easy going, lively, lovable girl. She will make a great addition to her new home. Evaluated to be between 5 and 7, she will need to have her stitches tended to and ultimately removed. She might need to remember that there are people there to let her out, but she is ready for some companionship and a warm home. From all accounts she is happy to be around other dogs and cats. Contact us if you would like to hear more about Alli.

May, 2012 - Sadly a rapidly spreading cancer took Ali over the Rainbow bridge.  Rest in Peace and run free dear girl.

Cee now lives in New Hampshire with her new family.  They are all now part of the big BARC family!  We look forward to hearing more from her over the years as she continues her adventures in the Northeast.

February, 2012 - Sadly a rapidly spreading cancer took Cee over the Rainbow bridge.  Rest in Peace and run free dear girl.

Just when they needed him most Sweetums came alone to fill a huge void in the lives of his new family in upstate New York.  I don't think we need to say anything more! But I bet if you asked them, THEY would!

March 2012 ~ Run free across the Rainbow Bridge dear old man.  We know that your last few years were some of the best of your 14. Bless you Fred and Maryellen.

Looking for Fun? Cody is a 5 year old Liver and White male looking for fun! Cody loves to swim and play with tennis balls. If you'd ask Cody what he'd like for a home he would want to be your one and only animal. He'd rather not share his people with other dogs, and is destined to be an only dog. He may like to play with another dog occasionally, once he knows they are friendly and properly introduced. If you are looking for a running partner, like throwing tennis balls, and have Springer knowledge, then Cody may be the fun dog you are looking for! For an added bonus, Cody has great manners. Note: Cody has been placed in a boarding facility until his forever home is found. Hopefully, Cody will have home of his very own soon! !

Annie was recently surrendered to a shelter in Maine.  We are looking for a place for her to spend Christmas.  But while we are looking, we want you all to know about her.  She is Liver and White, likes other dogs, chases cats for fun, is spayed, enjoys visiting young kids (3 and 5) and is somewhere between 6 and 8 years old.  We will have pictures for you soon, but if you have a place in your heart or your home for Annie, let us know... She shouldn't have to spend the holidays alone!

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