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Who are we?

Brought together by Whoppa, we are a group of like-minded Springer lovers who volunteer our time for the benefit of the breed.

ESSBARC exists to assist anyone in need of help to re-home a Springer, whether of their own breeding or another's. 

All new homes will pay a fee to the organization for the privilege of finding their perfect match.  These fees serve to cover expenses of English Springer Spaniels who have no breeder to care for them from "womb to tomb" and need us even more.  Any breeder who re-homes a dog through ESSBARC covers that dog's expenses, which allows us to use our resources to find perfect homes and help those less fortunate dogs. The breeder receives no monetary compensation for any re-homed Springer.  The only compensation they receive is peace of mind, knowing that another one of their own has a wonderful forever home.

The English Springer Spaniels that come to us may be puppies, they may be elderly, they may be Champions, they may be therapy dogs.  Most importantly they are a dog in need of a new home and we are dedicated to that cause.

English Springer Spaniel


Every Day Another English Springer Spaniel needs a new home!

Almost every day somewhere in this country an English Springer Spaniel needs a new home. Review our list of "Who's BARCing" for descriptions of dogs in need of re-homing and information on adoption. Or, support our efforts by volunteering or making a donation.


What are the Advantages to a Re-homed English Springer Spaniel

There are several major advantages to adopting a dog in need of re-homing:
  • Most of our dogs are back living with their original breeder who has formed an opinion of the dogs progress and can help you decide if their dog is right for you and you are right for him.

  • We have one belief:  A good breeder takes care of its own and so therefore is included in our re-homing process.

  • There is no set fee. Together our membership and/or your dog's breeder helps pay all medical and fostering costs until the dog is yours.  It is expected that you contribute a donation to the organization to assist in the care of those English Springer Spaniels who come to us and have no breeder of record to take care of their expenses until they are re-homed.

  • All are purebred English Springer Spaniels whether they have come directly through a breeder or have found there way too us from another source.  We will never turn down an English Springer Spaniel in need, no matter where it comes from.

  • All are neutered or spayed.

  • You become part of a collective family working together for the good of the dogs.


How does it work?

Our re-homing process is not complicated.

Each perspective new home is asked to fill out an application.  Upon receipt of your application you will be contacted for a formal interview by one of our volunteers.  Together you and our volunteer will decide who would be the perfect dog for you.  When that right Springer is available in our program, you will be contacted.  We do not believe in first come, first served... Our motto is "right dog, right home, right home, right dog".

When you are contacted you will be given the information about your dog and how to contact his or her breeder.  The breeder will interview you also... It is then up to all to decide if this really IS the right dog for you.  If your perfect match has come to us through other means, you will be given the contact information of the foster family who will act as your second interviewer.  No matter the origin of the dog, the process is basically the same.

Once your dog has been found, he or she will become yours!  And your new companion will have a new forever home!

What can you do?

Please contact us if you:

  • Would like to find an English Springer Spaniel in need of a new home

  • Are a breeder who needs to find a new home for your English Springer Spaniel

  • Would like to make a donation

  • Can help in any way!!!

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English Springer Spaniel Breeder's Affiliated Re-homing Co
A 501c3 non profit organization

ESSBarc is not an affiliate of English Springer Rescue America, and receives no funding from ESRA.

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